A Cycle of Cathay
Freewheeling in China 1982 – 1983

Anthony Fagin was born in Johannesburg in 1938 and has lived in five different countries, working in a wide variety of jobs including a secondary modern school in London, the largest explosives factory in the world in South Africa, a kibbutz in Israel, an archaeological expedition on the shores of the Dead Sea, a large corporation in upstate New York, and a London publishing house.

Then after settling in England he moved from local government to central government and had a series of postings that spanned a broad range of policy areas and culminated in a six-year stint with the United Nations Environment Programme based in Nairobi, Kenya.

Since retiring in 2000 he has lived in Falmouth, Cornwall, where he indulges his passions for ceramics, writing and photography. This is his first book.

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Anthony Fagin ceramics and photography

Anthony Fagin